DSoft Technology is well versed in the development of applications that use the Astrodynamic Standards as well as the integration of those standards into existing applications. We have worked closely with Air Force Space Command (AFSPC) since 2003 performing configuration management, testing, integration, and distribution and understand the complexity of their integration and use. We have developed C# wrappers around the Fortran Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs) in the Windows environment that make integration easier. These wrappers could be extended to the Unix environment if requested by end users. We have experience with both V5.4.x and V7 releases and can assist authorized clients with the migration of their applications from older versions of the standards to the new V7 architecture. For more information on our Astrodynamic Standards services, please contact us.

  • SATRAK - Satellite Trajectory and Attitude Kinetics provides a modern and richly interactive user interface suited for current Windows operating systems that allows analysts to generate Simplified General Perturbations #4 (SGP4) ephemeris, use Look Angle Module (LAMOD) to determine satellite viewing opportunities, and analyze Joint Space Operations Center (JSpOC) Two Line Element (TLE) datasets. SATRAK has now been approved for installation on Air Force networks (NIPRNet and SIPRNet). SATRAK can be obtained by making a request at Astrodynamic Standards Distibution Automation (ASDA) or accessing the Space/Cyberspace Analysis Resource Portal (SARP), https://halfway.peterson.af.mil/SARP (NIPRNet).
  • Standardized Astrodynamic Algorithms (SAA)  Unit Testing/Documentation - DSoft Technology provided support to AFSPC in conducting unit testing of Air Force Space Commands (AFSPC)’s Standardized Astrodynamic Algorithms (SAA)  Python’s built –in unit testing framework to test the SAA Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs).  GhostDoc Enterprise was used to provide comprehensive documentation for each DLL.
  • SAINT – Space Analysis INtegration Toolkit is a Visual Studio toolkit and framework that allows users to create new space applications by combining components (2D and 3D visualization, robust data grids, export) and assemblies that include the Astrodynamic Standards.
  • ATF – Automated Test Framework is a utility tool to easily test and verify any Astrodynamic Standard.
  • Space Brawler/MDR – Space Brawler/Maneuver Detection and Recovery is a MATLAB-based stand alone program that integrates the Astrodynamic Standards to perform explicit frequent revisit, catalogue maintenance and maneuver detection/recovery functions on tactically monitored satellites.
  • CMV – Covariance Matrix Visualization is a standalone tool that allows the user to visualize one or more covariance matrices of the same or different satellites as three-dimensional ellipsoids.

View the full list of our Astrodynamic Standards work.

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